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Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for April 21


If you’re hoping to spend some time with a close friend or partner, keep the day free to do exactly that. If you have been spending impulsively or extravagantly of late, some cut-backs will be necessary in order to get finances back on the straight and narrow.


Enjoying spiritual pursuits will provide you with a welcome break from mundane reality. Friends and loved ones may not go along with your beliefs but this won’t really matter. You’re in the mood to do your own thing and this is what will dictate how you while away the hours.


You may not be able to analyse the emotions you are feeling but you can and should trust your intuition. Reading between the lines in conversations will be more revealing than paying attention to words that are being spoken. Watch other people’s body language to detect whether or not they are telling the truth.


In the small amount of free time you get to yourself you might start feeling a strange longing to do something different. It does not matter if you can’t explain why you feel this way and don’t listen to what others have to say. Do what you want to do.


An interview or meeting you had been excited about may prove disappointing. In the end, you might wish you hadn’t bothered. Life at home will seem a little unsettled and this could be due to your own or a housemate’s job responsibilities.


Travel would seem like the ideal remedy for the impatience and restlessness you are feeling but delays and hold-ups could cause even more frustration. Besides, a spontaneous journey could cost more than you would normally have been willing to pay.


Isn’t it always the case these days but when you feel settled and happy with life the way it is, your partner or someone in the family wants to make some changes? If you seriously feel it’s not the right time for you, refuse to go along with their suggestions.


When you start feeling a little low, irritable or angry with yourself for not getting everything perfect, think back on all your recent achievements. Recently there have been more successes than failures even if it feels as if currently nothing is going your way.


A complicated or laborious job will hit one snag after another. You never expected it to be easy but you’re almost ready to give in. Keep on at it. You have friends in high places and there is someone working in the background trying to get you the help and support you need.


With joint and team efforts having been so successful recently you might wonder if you would get on best today on your own. This will not be so. You would regret it if you were to break away as this will confuse others who have been getting on so well with you.


New doors are opening for you and your family. Some opportunities will not have been anticipated and they will need some consideration. If you go ahead there will be some big changes to come and this could upset older relatives who are set in their ways.


Money, a relationship matter or a past incident will cause some tension and controversy. You could find yourself at loggerheads with someone you normally get on well with. The more you argue, the less chance there will seem to be to settle this matter very quickly.

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