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Hairstylist’s free tip to make women look ‘instantly’ younger

Beauty isn’t defined by age but there are some visible side effects of getting older that people try to conceal. 

Dying grey hair and trying new hairstyles are some things women do to cheat a more youthful appearance, but they require a lot of time, money and effort.

That said, celebrity hairstylist Gustav Fouche claims to have a free alternative that many famous women swear by to look younger.

He explained that regardless of your hair type or style – whether it be long, short or somewhere in between, moving hair away from the face is effective at turning back the clock.

Gustav said: “Revealing your ears might seem like a minor change, but it can work wonders in making you appear younger.”

The hair expert went on to explain that by showcasing your ears, you effectively open up your face, drawing attention to key features.

This is especially true for the cheekbones and jawline which are commonly associated with youthfulness.

Gustav claimed that simple yet effective technique has been his “red-carpet secret”, and it’s easy to spot if you observe closely, you’ll notice that many celebrities now opt to display their ears as well.

Red-carpet regulars Reese Witherspoon (48) and Meryl Streep (74) are both fans of the hair tuck and don the look with both up-dos and down styles.

While Reese opts for a symmetrical hair tuck on both sides of her centre-parted locks, Meryl prefers a single tuck on one side to highlight her cheekbones.

This simple trick draws attention to the full length of the cheeks, including the fuller “apples” of them in the centre of the face. Combined with a hint of blusher, this creates a youthful and radiant appearance by giving the illusion of plump skin.

Of course, celebrities have a team of beauty experts to perfect the style, but it is easy to recreate yourself.

Simply take your index and forefinger and trace the front of the hairline back to behind the ear, taking the strands with you as you go.

The hair should stay behind the ear for a while but it’s easy to lock them down with a hair grip. Try matching the colour to your locks for a seamless look.

Alternatively, take a little hairspray or gel on a clean spoolie brush (or an old, clean mascara wand) and comb it through the flattened strands.

Do the same for any side burn strands to flick them away from the face and draw the gaze to the high points of the face for a more lifted effect.

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