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Six rare 50p coins – including Kew Gardens piece worth £250

Have you recently taken a look at your coin collection?

Certain designs can fetch a pretty penny if you ever decide to part with them. Whether it’s the Kew Gardens 50p or a commemorative piece, it’s beneficial to know their true worth.

Although the Royal Mint is responsible for most coins in the UK, sometimes it’s designs from a few years ago which are worth owning.

Recently, a rare coin from 1905 worth £9,000 went viral on TikTok. You can see how to spot one yourself pretty easily too.

Now it’s time to check your coin collection again.

On TikTok, user @coincollectingwizard, who amassed 133,000 followers by sharing content about rare coins, revealed which 50p pieces could net you a tidy sum. In the video, they began with: “Rare 50p coins in your change.”

The user then listed six coins to watch out for. In the clip, the uploader continued: “First the 2017 Royal Shield 50p, this has a mintage of 1.8million, and an uncirculated condition is worth £7, while a circulated is £1.

“Next is the Jemima Puddleduck 50p from 2016, this has a mintage of 2.1million. An uncirculated version can be worth £15, while a circulated is £8.”

“For my favourite design, it’s the Issac Newton 50p, it’s £8 in uncirculated and £3 in circulated. Now for the holy grail, the Kew Gardens 50p, this has a mintage of only 210,000. A new condition is around £250, and circulated is £145.”

The post concluded with a nod to the Flopsy Bunny 50p coin, valued at £7 in mint condition and £5 once circulated. Mrs Tittlemouse’s 50p piece also received a mention, boasting a mintage of 1.7 million and fetching £5 uncirculated or £3 circulated.

Since being uploaded, the video amassed hundreds of likes and comments. One user exclaimed: “Got all of them!” While another praised: “Brilliant video,” and a third shared: “I have them all numerous times.”

It might be time to dig through your coin collection, don’t you think?

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