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Shoppers rave over teeth whitening powder that’s ‘worth every penny’

Over time, it’s easy for teeth to get built up with stains and become discoloured or lose brightness. Consuming tea, coffee, wine and strongly coloured foods can lead to yellowing, and many search for ways to reverse it.

While professional teeth whitening can be effective, it can also be extremely costly, but luckily there are solutions that can be used at home.

Teeth whitening brand MySweetSmile has a full range of products that aim to give users brighter teeth but shoppers have praised the Teeth Whitening Powder that’s bringing in thousands of glowing five-star ratings.

The teeth whitening powder costs £24.99 for a six month supply and the brand says it can be used on sensitive teeth because it does not use peroxides. Instead it uses Pentasodium Triphosphate in order to oxidise stains without causing damage to the tooth enamel.

With an average rating of 4.7 across over a quarter of a million reviews it has proved to be one of the most popular teeth whitening products on the market.

One shopper said: “I couldn’t believe the difference after my first treatment! The reduction in stains and plaque between the two pictures is just amazing, my teeth look way whiter and they don’t feel sensitive or rough whatsoever. I’ve recommended this to all my friends and family, thank you.”

A second penned: “Black coffee & smoking had totally ruined my teeth, to the point I avoided smiling in photos. A friend of mine recommended I use this powder, and omg after a few weeks the difference is incredible. It’s removed all the yellow stains and my teeth are looking 10x better!”

A third wrote: “Used this for 4 weeks now folks. The results are great. The shine to my teeth had faded over the years so decided to try a whitener. Settled on this by ‘my sweet smile’ after reading all the great reviews. I wouldn’t use anything else now. I highly recommend it.”

A fourth added: “On my second pot now. Just can’t believe how well on my stained 66 year old teeth. I didn’t want to smile at all because of staining from smoking and tea drinking. No cleaning at dentist for a few years has not helped. Within the first few days of using the powder the staining was going. Really happy with this product and will continue to use. Worth every penny.”

The powder is mint flavour and unlike some rivals on the market comes in a white powder – many alternatives are charcoal or purple in colour so this is a nice touch for your bathroom. It’s easy to use, you simply brush it across your teeth for four minutes with your tooth brush. Shoppers swear that it works on everyday stains from things like tea, coffee, red wine or smoking.

There are other products on the market that whiten teeth, although teeth whitening strips are often more time consuming as they take 30 minutes on average for application rather than just 4. One popular option on the market is Dr Dent’s Teeth Whitening Strips. Shoppers can buy MySweetSmile’s whitening powder for £24.99 here.

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