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Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s engagement rings compared – pictures

announced her engagement on January 22, 2018, with older sister announcing following suit on September 26, 2019. Maxwell Stone, creative director at Steven Stone, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the beautiful engagement rings they received.

It is unsurprising that the Queen’s granddaughters were both the recipients of some stunning jewels.

Maxwell told Express.co.uk: “Two of the most valuable Royal engagement rings belong to Princess Beatrice (£130k) and Princess Eugenie (£120k).”

However, aside from the hefty price tags – although Beatrice’s is £10k more – they “don’t share many other similarities”.

The expert described Beatrice’s ring as “a real showstopper”, featuring a “six claw round diamond that looks to be around three carats”.

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According to Diamonds Factory, the average carat size for an engagement ring in the UK is around 0.6ct.

Beatrice’s jewel is quite typical of engagement rings in that it is a classic diamond design.

He continued: “Beatrice’s centre stone is shouldered by two tapered baguettes, giving it a vintage feel and Art Deco-inspired look.”

Maxwell continued: “Beatrice’s engagement ring also has a special connection to other members of the Royal Family.”


Similarly to Meghan Markle, whose engagement ring boasts a central stone from Botswana, Beatrice’s diamonds were also ethically sourced from the same country.

A second royal connection is to none other than Beatrice’s grandmother, the Queen.

It has a “very similar design” to HRH’s sparkler, featuring “a beautiful Art Deco design, flanked by diamond panels”.

Less “traditional” but equally stunning is Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.

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“Eugenie’s centre stone is surrounded by a halo of sparkling diamonds,” Maxwell said.

And while Eugenie’s ring does not resemble the like of the Duchess of Sussex’s or Her Majesty’s, it does bear a “remarkable resemblance” to another former royal bride.

The expert explained: “Sarah Ferguston’s ruby engagement ring features a gorgeous Burmese ruby surrounded by 10 diamonds forming the shape of a flower.”

Said ring is worth a far from modest £70k, although it is £50k cheaper than Eugenie’s, and £60k cheaper than Beatrice’s.

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