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Neighbour row erupts after woman ‘mum-shamed’ over crying baby

A mother has been left fuming after her neighbour complained about her sick baby crying throughout the night.  

The anonymous woman, whose nine-month-old daughter was born with Strep B and has been “extremely poorly” since birth, took to Mumsnet to vent her frustrations.   

She explained that her child, who has recently been suffering from every cough, cold and runny nose since starting nursery three months ago, was admitted to hospital with a high fever diagnosed as a viral infection.

Despite dealing with her daughter’s illness and subsequent crying, the “exhausted” mum now faces complaints from a neighbour about the noise.

The disgruntled neighbour, who doesn’t have any children, knocked on her door one morning to complain about the crying baby keeping him and his wife awake, reported The Mirror.

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The mum wrote: “He proceeds to complain about her crying and keeping him and his wife awake.”

The mother added: “He then told me to seek support and now I feel like the world’s worst mum because my poorly baby is crying in the night! I admit that she has been crying a lot however I am doing everything in my power to help her. She’s started sleeping with me again so I can get to her as soon as I hear her murmur.”

The upset mum added that she is “personally in shock” that the neighbour has complained and questioned whether she is being “unfair”. However, a quick look at the comments section revealed that most people are siding with her.

One outraged reader fired back: “What does he expect you to do? He is a stupid bully, he should be commiserating not playing the big I-am. I would have looked at him, raised an eyebrow and closed the door.”

Agreement poured in from another who advised: “Ignore the t***. Bet he wouldn’t call when your partner is there. There is practically an unwritten rule that if babies cry they cry.”

Another offered simple reassurance: “Nod smile and give it no headspace.”

Yet, others showed a degree of sympathy arguing that nobody enjoys interrupted sleep but berated the male antagonist for his aggressive stance. One sympathizer remarked: “It’s not nice for anyone to be kept awake with a baby crying, so I get their frustration.”

“But honestly, if there’s nothing you can do, then they will have to deal. They can get earplugs etc.”

Was the neighbour out of line?  Share your thoughts in our comments section. 

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