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Lady Louise can’t wear a tiara until key milestone – just like Beatrice and Eugenie

The Queen’s youngest granddaughter has delighted royal fans in recent years with her appearances on TV and in carriage driving competitions, and the monarch is known to dote on her. But unlike her royal cousins Zara Tindall, and , Louise has not been spotted yet wearing one of the monarch’s dazzling tiaras.

When can Lady Louise Windsor wear a tiara?

Traditionally royal women have waited until their wedding days to publicly wear a tiara.

As Tatler explained, this is because tiaras stem from classical antiquity and are an “emblem” of the “crowning of love”.

The Queen’s granddaughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice publicly wore their first tiaras on their respective wedding days in 2018 and 2020.

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Eugenie wore the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara, which perfectly complemented her eyes, while Beatrice wore the sentimental Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara which was also worn by the Queen on her own wedding day in 1947.

Kate Middleton also wore her first royal tiara on her wedding day in 2011, and as a married woman, in the years since she has worn several tiaras while attending state events on behalf of the Queen.

As the Queen’s granddaughter, Lady Louise Windsor will almost certainly be offered the chance to borrow a royal tiara if she decides to get married one day.

She will likely have her pick of the royal collection, but she could opt for the Anthemion Tiara her mother Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore to her 1999 wedding.

Which tiaras have royal women worn for their weddings?

Kate Middleton wore the Cartier Halo Tiara, a delicate diadem with elaborate scrollwork, for her royal wedding in 2011.

Meghan Markle opted for the Art Deco-inspired Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara when she married Prince Harry in 2018.

Princess Anne also wore Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara when she married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, while her daughter Zara Phillips wore the Meander Tiara that was gifted to the Queen by Prince Philip’s mother Princess Alice.

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