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Greggs slammed by northerners for hanging wrong photograph of Richmond in Yorkshire store

Greggs customers in Yorkshire were left dumbfounded by a photograph that was given pride of place in the bakery.

The mistake has since been branded “a tale of two Richmonds” after people realised that the image captured the wrong Richmond.

While the Greggs store intended to showcase the beauty of the town known as Richmond in Yorkshire, the photographs promoted the area in Surrey.

The black and white pics showed the Thames flowing under Richmond Bridge and signposts to the London landmarks of nearby Tower Bridge and Kew Gardens.

Despite all being obvious pillars of the West of the capital, the small details went unnoticed for some time until the BBC stumbled on it earlier this week.

Though it was placed with good intentions, as a decorative touch for Gregg customers to enjoy as they queued for the bakery’s beloved sausage rolls, the mistake prompted quite the opposite response.

It didn’t go down well with some customers who highlighted that the North-South divide certainly still exists.

The bakery chain, which prides itself on having a northern legacy, hastily removed the photos yesterday after widespread ridicule online.

One person took to Twitter to confess: “I love a good Greggs. Was impressed with their revamped outlet in Richmond, North Yorkshire today. Adorned with tasteful black and white prints of Richmond. In Surrey.”

One user named @rostfritt replied: “I really hope the Richmond branch in Surrey has a load of nice pictures of Yorkshire.”

Another Twitter member called @NorthantsCodger added: “Even more unbelievable is that #Greggs are based in Newcastle (X homepage). Can’t blame M25 or North South divide.

“Only HS2 thinks Manchester is the furthest northern city (maybe subject to change!).”

Others took to the social media platform to express their own experiences in other British restaurants like Wetherspoons.

One person wrote: “The walls Wetherspoons in Hertford Hertfordshire is adorned with paintings of landmarks in Hartford Connecticut USA.”

Photos of the Greggs branch in Richmond-upon-Thames show that its walls are hung with the same “incorrect” pictures used in the Yorkshire branch.

According to The Times, Paul Harrison, chairman of the Richmond Business and Tourism Association recalled the incident as “rather ironic”.

The two Richmond’s are more than 240 miles apart in distance and are among 90 other places in the world with the same name.

Express.co.uk have contacted Greggs for comment.

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