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Dyson launches hidden sale with hundreds off popular devices

Perso using Dyson vacuum at home

You can now find Dyson vacuums, like this V15 model, for a fraction of the usual price (Image: Olivia Beeson )

If you’re in dire need of an appliance upgrade then Dyson’s seemingly discreet Spring sale may just be the best one to browse, as the retailer cuts hundreds of pounds off popular household plug-ins. From essential dirt busting vacuums, to its two in-one fan heater turn aircon, and popular hair styling tools. 

You’ll now be able to find as much as £130 off the price of some gadgets thanks to the sale, which has been kept pretty underwraps compared to rival retail events. Opposed to Amazon’s recent sales or Dunelm’s current 50% off Easter event, you have to go digging for each individual Dyson product to find the exact price drops. 

Which is exactly what we’ve done to help you find the cheapest price, and it’s Dyson’s cordless vacuums that are coming out on top as the biggest reduced product in the sale. Like this V15 Detect Total Clean model, which costs £130 less – and a quick scour checking rival Amazon’s recent prices shows that it’s £67 cheaper than their cheapest price ever listed. 

And it’s not the only product listed in the Dyson sale consumers will pay one of the best prices on, as five other products have caught our eye. From a smaller £50 saving on the Dyson V8 Vacuum, to a bigger £100 knocked off the detangling Ball Animal Original Vacuum, or pay the cheapest price on its Hot+Cool Fan Heater – which could be a ‘must-have’ as we approach warmer weather. 

In total there are four different Dyson vacuum models that can now be found for a fraction of the price, all which pose different perks for dirt-busting shoppers. The biggest reduced, as we highlighted above, is the V15 Detect Total Clean device which can now be bought for £569.99, that’s £130 less than normal and it’ll automatically increase cleaning depending on how dirty your home is. 

Close behind, when it comes to discount, is the Dyson Ball Original Vacuum, a model which runs across all different floor types from thick upholstery to carpets, laminate and wooden floors. Now available to buy for £229, it’s been cut buy £100 in Dyson’s seemingly surprise sale. 

Next up, is the Dyson V8 Vacuum, with £50 cut off the price this has dropped to £279.99, certainly a more affordable option compared to the dust detecting model above. The simple V8, is said to be ideal for dog and cat lovers thanks to its lower noise and built-in hair detangling features. 

Another model also reduced by £50 is the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, another cordless model which will run for as long as 60-minutes on one single charge. Now £379.99 this model is also fitted with detangling technology (a sell for pet owners or those with long hair) but it’s biggest standout-feature is arguable its size – the bin on this model will hold 40% more dust and dirt before it needs emptying. 

Moving onto to other household appliances, some Dyson fans may even argue are a lot more in-demand than its range of hair-busting vacuums. You can now find £100 off its Hot+Cool Jet Heater, as well as a £50 saving on its Supersonic Hair Dryer. 

Speaking of hair, that’s where we move onto its £50 price drop on the Supersonic Hair Dryer. Now, £249.99 as opposed to its usual £299.99 price tag this hair tool usually flies off the shelves thanks to its non-damaging technology and viral colour – yes, it’s blue/copper model. 

Coming packaged along with all the relevant styling attachments; wide tooth comb, gentle air attachment, styling concentrator, diffuser, and flyaway attachment the set can now be picked up for on of the cheapest prices. And that’s all because it’s refurbished. 

Similar to Amazon’s Marketplace, Dyson houses some price drops over on its refurbished section of the site, selling models that have previously been returned – some because they’re unwanted and other because they may have had small faults, but the emphasis is on had, as they are all fixed and rigourously tested before being sold again. 

As the Dyson site states: “Dyson Renewed machines have been expertly serviced and hygienically cleaned. We test every machine to ensure it performs to our uncompromising standards. Any imperfections are purely cosmetic and can range from micro scratches and light scuffs to more visible marks, or discolouration to paint finishes and surfaces.

Dyson isn’t the only household appliance brand that’s launched a wave of price drops this April, hand-in-hand with Amazon and Dunelm, rival Shark is also one to save if you’re looking for offers. 

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