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Daily horoscope for July 27: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Today will see the s last full day of transit in Cancer before moving into passionate  on Thursday, just in time for the New Moon. Prepare for heightened emotions and sensitivities as the Moon reaches its final phase of the nine in its cycle. Express.co.uk reveals your , star sign reading, and zodiac forecast for July 27.

Some are naturally much more closely attuned to the Moon’s celestial shifts, while some barely feel them at all.

But collectively, the current Moon sign will always have a strong but subtle influence on the energetic climate of our days, according to The Moon School.

A Cancer moon in particular, as the Moon’s home sign, can bear a larger influence than others.

The Moon School said: “In many ways, the Moon (and especially a Cancer Moon) is the key to your inner landscapes.

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“She can connect you to your deeper self – the self that exists beneath and beyond the ego.”

As the homiest sign of all zodiacs, we’re more inclined to play it safe and stick well within our comfort zones while the Moon is in a Cancer transit.

However, today actually makes for a better day to do this than any other of the week.

Cafe Astrology said: “On this day before a New Moon, it’s a wise strategy to lay low, wind down, and let go.”

We might also be particularly alert, observant, willing to understand, and more prone to positively digest constructive criticism.

Cafe Astrology said: “It’s easier than usual to communicate our message now, although this is less about getting the exact wording right and more about conveying our intentions.”

When the emotional Moon trines dreamy Neptune, the energy has a tendency to make us see situations through rose-tinted glass, according to Tarot.com.

However, when the Moon moves to oppose transformative Pluto later in the day, prepare to rapidly be brought back down to earth again.

While this takes place, Tarot.com recommends standing “emotional ground without controlling others.”

The void Moon occurs from 1:55am BST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Pluto), until the Moon enters Leo the next day at 7.37am

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