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This is what your style of underwear says about you

Your choice of underwear may be able to tell others a lot about your personality. Are you a high-waisted lady or do you prefer boy shorts – and what does this mean about you…?

Leonisa, which sells women’s lingerie and shapewear, compiled an extensive list of women’s underwear types and what they reveal about the person wearing them.

According to the clothing company, if you’re wearing a thong – or its “skimpier cousin the g-string” – you’re a pretty self-assured lady, or take no VPL very seriously.

The website reads: “Either you’re super confident and not afraid to show off what you’ve got, or you’re really committed to not having any visible panty lines, maybe both!

“You aren’t afraid to show off your assets and embrace your body with a little bit of daring.”

If you go for a Brazilian brief or cheeky panties, “you’re not afraid to show off your great booty, but you still like to leave a little to the imagination”.

The team at Leonisa explained that Brazilian briefs are the middle ground between a daring thong and classic bikini-style pants.

As for what this means about you, you’re fun, “playful” and a little flirtatious, but also ever so slightly on the shy side.

For the ladies who like a cosy pair of boy shorts, this means you’re all about comfort and that “chill lifestyle”. You don’t care whether you’re underwear is “girly” or not – you just want to feel good, as you should!

The Leonisa team continued: “You’re more casual and prefer the fuller coverage style of boy short panties so you never have to worry about accidentally revealing something you didn’t plan on.”

Hipster panties scream “casual yet sexy” and show off your assets without flashing anyone – think “look and feel good with a minimum of fuss”.

Those who prefer high-waisted styles probably like the “extra support” of the fabric. Women who go for these are likely very in touch with what makes them feel good.

High-cut panties (not to be confused with high-waisted) show off your legs as much as possible. “If you love high-cut panties, you like to be a little different and march to the beat of your own drummer.”

Bikini-style panty wearers are often out and about on adventure. They care about looking and feeling “sexy”, but don’t feel the need to “flaunt”.

If you go for briefs, it’s probably because you like a “classic” look that falls somewhere between bikini-style and high-waisted.

According to the Leonisa team, women who wear lace underwear “like a little luxury”. You’re all about treating yourself and looking good – even if no one else knows about it. Ladies who love lace go the extra mile to make themselves feel “awesome” and always constantly encourage their friends to do the same.

Those who opt for printed pants usually “have a great sense of humour” – these people don’t take themselves too seriously. The underwear these ladies choose is sure to spark joy.

Finally, if you go for no-show underwear (commonly known as no VPL), you pay close attention to detail and think things through – nothing gets passed you.

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