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Optical illusion is ‘always spot on’ at showing if you are very artistic or more ambitious

A peculiar brainteaser has taken the internet by storm as it is “always spot on” at revealing if you are more artistic or hardworking when it comes to what you want out of life

This “bizarre” turquoise optical illusion should look like either a bird or an old-timey record player, and what you see first should reveal something about your personality.

Depending on what you see, this psychological picture should reveal your aspirations as well as what may be stressing you out at the moment.

The picture for first shared online in a video by the optical illusion specialist Mia Yilin, who has amazed people with its ability to accurately pinpoint of person’s personality and current life problems.

In Mia’s comment section, one shocked user wrote: “It’s amazing but bizarre how accurate you are” while another person commented: “How are always spot on?! You know my personality better than I do.”


Anyone who first sees a bird is very creative and often amazes people with their original style. You are very imaginative and an optimist at heart, and you are happiest when working on a new project

Your dream in life is to become successful through your creative skills, and want to inspire others or make them happy through your projects.

Mia said: “You often see the world through an artistic lens and find beauty in the smallest of details.”

However, you are also someone who lacks confidence. which can cause you to procrastinate and be hesitant to express your ideas, but if you had more faith in yourself you would be able to achieve great things.

Mia added: “You experience a lot of self-doubt and struggle to fully embrace your uniqueness and creativity because of it.


If you first saw the vintage record player, then you are someone who is very clever and is admired for your ability to think outside the box. When you focus and plan, you quickly achieve your goals.

Your biggest dream in life is to be secure and very successful in your career. You want to be remembered and admired by others through your achievements.

Mia said: “You are someone who is always able to bounce back from misfortune and learn from your mistakes.”

However, you can often be your own worst critic and self-doubt can make you shy about speaking out or being proactive. You are very ambitious and know what you want out of life, but can often let your fears motivate you rather than your brilliant mind.

Mia added: “You have the most amazing ideas but doubt from other people causes you to be unsure of yourself. Make sure to trust your instincts and chase your dreams!”

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