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I’m 22 and a dwarf and he’s 32 and 5’9 – but we love each other no matter what people say

A 3’9 dwarf model has described how those close to her thought her 5’9 boyfriend was “exploiting me in some way or another” and that their getting together was “a bit bizarre for everybody”. 

However, Cait explained that despite all the noise, Guy was “ticking all of my boxes” 

Guy, a 32-year-old marine engineer, initially made contact with Cait, a 22-year-old blogger and model, on social media after being drawn to her photos on Facebook: “I was scrolling through social media and I came across a modelling profile. I was like wow she’s beautiful. I want to try to date her.” 

The friend request was accepted and the DMs turned into a real-life outing, where sparks were flying. 

Fast forward a bit and the couple had moved in together, with Guy encouraging Cait to set up an OnlyFans account after they discussed what she could be earning through the site. 

“We looked at OnlyFans and we saw how much people were earning and we thought, why not?” explained Cait. 

Guy chipped in: “You are a beautiful small girl and it was like you are quite different and you’ve got a unique selling point there.”

Guy takes Cait’s photos for the site, which Cait admits has helped boost her confidence. She also said on a Love Don’t Judge video that she didn’t reply to messages she received from men who commented on her appearance. 

Despite such a healthy relationship, the couple previously had to fight to prove their love to those close to them. 

“Some of my friends were worried Guy was exploiting me in some way or another. He seemed too good to be true.

“There’s a narrative that people like me cannot get a guy like Guy so it was a bit bizarre for everybody.”

Cait also explained her parents were unsure about the situation, especially due to the fact they met on social media. She also suspected Guy might have a dwarf fetish, but her and her parents’ fears have since been dispelled. 

“He’s ticked all of my boxes whereas previously my first long-term relationship didn’t end that well.” 

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